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By Alfred Evans on January 13, 2016

A father of two. My job has me travel the world with my family.

You will LOVE the great Mexican food here and the glorious Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan. It appears the civilization in Central and South America was way more advanced than our indigenous North American tribes. The pyramids are no less spectacular than the Giza in Egypt, especially because the former have stairs that you can climb. But in terms of scale and grandeur, they are no comparison to their Egyptian counterpart.

Teotihuacan has like three of them, the biggest of which is the Sun Pyramid, followed closely by the Moon. It is best to climb all of them, but when you do so watch out, for the stairs are steep and kind of dangerous.

I was told the place is usually crowded all year round. When I get there it was flooded with Canadian tourists. For some reason they all travel in a truckload of coaches. Anyhow, it feels alright given how spacous Teotihuacan is. Take your time and photos in Teotihuacan. The site has a lot to offer, including archeological wonders, beauty of nature and a museum on site. You can easily travel to Teotihuacan from Mexico City for a few bucks.

The real deal is Chichen Itza's Kukulcan Pyramid, though. This pyramid is not as big as Teotihuacan, but it is more intricate in its design, which somehow reminds me of Angkor Wat. If you're staying in Cancun, then Chichen Itza is definitely worth a visit. But if you've seen Teotihuacan and you're tired of Mayan sites, then Chichen Itza is optional.

Overall, getting around in Mexico is not a problem. Your beginner Spanish can get you anywhere, but nowadays most Mexican youths speak English.


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